Death of a wig

😦 Its a sad day people!

I took the time to wash and condition one of my wigs today that resulted in an epic FAIL! 😦

This wasn’t its first wash- I haven’t the foggiest idea what went wrong this time… I even used cold water for crying out loud so why the tangle?! 😐

I’m totally in the dark right now! 😮 I have 2 other wigs in urgent need of a wash…So if there’s anyone out there with genuine tips on how best to care for wigs PLEASE drop a few liners or better still send me links to a blog about wig care…

NB: THIS IS NO JOKE ….The continued existence of my remaining wigs hangs in the balance of your comment!

Thanks! 😉

lost but never forgot! ;)

Dear wig, you may be lost but never forgot! 😉


Update from an Alopecia Sister- My Risky December

Hiya!!! 🙂

‘Not been here in a while and for that I’m truly sorry! 😦 …However I hope you’ve been feeling December the way I have :).

I’ve been trying my hands on new things and taking risks…(my hair will testify to that shortly) 😀

I’ve had my ups and downs with this hair and have almost come close to once again shaving it all off. Thankfully I have a wonderful mom and lots of friends encouraging me to have fun with what I have left on my head…. SOOOO, I’ve decided to get HAIR EXTENSIONS! 😀

Let’s just hope that it doesn’t damage what little I’ve got left!

Will update shortly on my little hair adventure/experiment 🙂

…Fingers crossed people!!!! 😉