My next hair experiment… GINGER TREATMENT!!!!

So I’ve been doing some more digging around for literature on herbal remedies for hair loss and regrowth, and today I finally came across the spice Ginger roots! “Now why am I not surprised” I thought as I read through the articles. The tingling sensation one would get once its been applied to the scalp is enough to force those lazy follicle back into action.

Anyway, I’ll be testing some of the remedies along with some other Garlic and Onion remedies I’ve found once I take me weave down… Wish me luck! 🙂

Now worries, you’ll get a status report… but I imagine that will come say a week or two from now.

Henceforth its “LESS Ginger in my beer and MORE of it in my Hair!!!”… 😀 … BTW- you can find the articles on the remedies I’ve read up on below:

  1. Ginger Hair-Grow Scalp Treatment Formula
  2. Ginger Treatment for Hair – LIVESTRONG.COM
  3. Ginger Treatment for Hair – eHow Style
  4. Chinese Recipe to Prevent and Reduce Hair Loss

Please feel free to share if you have any home made remedies of your own.

Cheers! 😉


Before and After Alopecia stories

Just drew out some other videos from my YouTube stash. The ones below are based on the experience of Gail Porter…. Watch and be inspired!

Gail Porter in 2008:

Gail Porter in 2010:

The story is now pretty old, but I do hope you are still encouraged by them. They gave me hope in my time of need and today I can proudly say that it was worth it!



Cheers! 🙂

The Internet, a worth ally in time of battle

2008 was  a pretty depressing time for me I must tell say. Yeah, so I cut my hair and smiled all the way home, but that didn’t stop me from filling less of a woman when reality shoved its foot up my behind. I was a man now!… OK, maybe not, but I could easily have been mistaken for one with my back turned while in a shirt and a pair of baggy pant, which I wore ever so often.

At that point I went out less and then found a new love for browsing the world wide web. In doing that I luckily came across articles and videos that helped me realise that I was not alone, and that the feelings I was experiencing were only natural.

There were videos on emotional encouragement, lifestyle, medical updates, some people even made funny  “what if” videos of female celebrities gone bald.

Just found one of such videos in my YouTube stash and thought to share it with you:

I realise now that one of the greatest steps that helped me battle the physical and emotional challenges posed by Alopecia  areate was being informed.

Take the time to search for others in a similar situation and learn from their experience and/or research, and I’m not just referring to hair issues but to all types of personal challenges. Whatever the problem, whatever the battle, its best not to go it alone. So draw on the strength of others, even if its from the video or article of a total stranger… I did 🙂

Celebrating my fro! :)

I had a good hair experience tonight.  I finally stepped out in a Fro and pips just LOVED it! 🙂 Wasn’t quite sure just what to expect but in the end I turned out to be a show stopper :D.. A famous singer here in my country, Yinka Davis,  actually told me I looked stunning! 😀

Well I’ve made this video as a sort of celebration of the night and also to encourage all my Alopecia sisters out there.

…We are who we are with or without our manes… Even with scanty ones to! 😉

Lions without Manes…

I came across this picture today and I instantly fell in love with it. The first thing that struck me was the splendor of the roaring beast and the second, its Mane.

The lion. A magnificent creature, graceful in its sway and yet extremely fierce when provoked. The mane of the adult male lion, is one of the most distinctive characteristics of this huge feline. It makes the lion appear larger, providing an excellent intimidation display; this aids the lion during confrontations with other lions and with its chief competitors.

Useful thing, the mane.

Now tell me, what do you think of this picture? I edited it myself 😛

A girlfriend saw it displayed on a social network as my profile photo, and her first reaction towards it was “Eeewww”.

I know you don’t quite understand where I’m going with this just yet, but kindly indulge me for a few… My intention while editing this picture was to leave the lion without a mane, a shoddy job I know, gladly, my message is not in the aesthetics. Now to the point of today’s post.

We see in the first picture a lion, regal, intimidating, dangerous and yes, even beautiful. Using the second image, try imagining that roaring lion without its mane. Some may even have the same reaction as my girlfriend, but take a closer look. Does it make the lion less a “king of beasts” or its canines any less formidable? No.

If there is such a defect in male lions, then its my guess that a bald lion would be shunned and even bullied within its pride. Yet, with or without its mane it would still be revered within the animal kingdom because by its nature, it demands that respect. This is the same way we should see ourselves.

I too have experienced what its like to be different; to feel like half a babe or not one at all, to hear such remarks as “Eeewww” or even worse. I wrestled with this difference for a while…. but perhaps if I had come across the analogy drawn from these pictures at the time, I just might have sooner developed a more positive way of viewing my situation.

Like the Lion, you are not defined by the hair on your head. It may enhance your appearance, but take it off or grow it back tomorrow and you will still bear the same name, your blood group will not have changed; neither will your sex. Mane or bald, you are who and what you make of yourself. You can see yourself as strong or weak, bold or timid, beautiful or ugly, its your choice. What is most important is that just as the lion, you are as creation intended, absolutely MAGNIFICENT! So embrace it!

Look at it this way:

Hair is the icing on the cake, an aesthetic. And with that said, you can do without all that sugar because there’s already enough sweetness inside you 😉


Joanna Rowsell: One small step that did so much…

Today’s post has been quite a challenge as I have had to battle with an overwhelming excitement. It gives me great pleasure each time I meet women willing to strut a bald look despite the circumstance, balding or not, and then when I find public figures doing it I tend to go ga-ga. Britney Spears did it and was called nuts, but for me, crazy or not, her actions were like a fuel to my fire. Then there was Demi Moore who got a skin cut for her role in the movie “G.I Jane”

Natalie Portman in “V for Vendetta”

Finally, I would be crazy to leave out Amber Rose the American model, artist, actress, and socialite.

Joanna Rowsell was recently added to my list of heroines when at the London 2012 Olympics, she removed her helmet to reveal her almost totally bald form, after coming in first place in the women’s Team Pursuit, but that’s not all. This brave 23 year old British cyclist chose to ascend the Olympic podium, watched by a worldwide audience of 17 million to collect her medal without her wig.

Unlike the previous celebrities mentioned, Joanna was diagnosed with Alopecia areata at the age of 10 and has suffered from it for the past 13 years. However, she has amazing perspective on the issue, and though she admits to having struggled with her appearance for years, she now confidently says, “There’s part of me that thinks: ‘I’m not ill; there’s nothing wrong with me.’ Most of the time I don’t think about it.” (Excerpt from The Daily Mail)…Amazing!

With her decision not to wear a wig while accepting her medal, commentators praised her courage, while her website was inundated with messages from fellow alopecia sufferers thanking her for making such a positive statement… Joanna said in an interview “One mum wrote to say her daughter had developed alopecia and was worrying so much about it, but that now she had seen me she felt more confident about the future.” (Excerpt from The Daily Mail)

Apparently Miss Rowsell never considered the magnitude behind the consequences of her action, but hey, that’s the power of spontaneity. I for one, am grateful she took the step, and like that little girl, I’m inspired to feel even more confident about the future.

Bald, Scanty haired, or with a full crop…. It’s all good! 😉

The African Queen

“The African Queen” is what she is called
when her head is scrapped clean and bald

The African Queen
the perfect and yet ironic title for the hairless woman
who feels she has lost her mantle

The African Queen
her hairless head reflecting the suns rays
free from the stress of weaves and braids
and yet she is ashamed.

The African Queen
for in her society how is she truly seen?
Some would call her a widow, while others will say she is in mourning
Mutterers speak of the disgrace of the look she is donning
Yet they do not know and are too ignorant to see
this was not her choice nor of her own doing

The African Queen… Me
Her hair is snatched but not her pride and beauty
She finds it is within and decides to let it shine daily
Though not always easy, since she once in a while recalls
her days of long hair that made her the conventional lady

Still, I am “The African Queen”
I embrace me, and that includes my bald head along with all my being.

©2011 Festivalking