My Hair Journey so far…

Hello there! 😉

I know its been A WHILE, but guess what! I’m still too lazy to write, so I have made a little video and a picture gallery in form of a slide show (below) in order to fill you wonderful people in on all my hair accomplishments since my last post 🙂

Watch and enjoy! 🙂



Hair Story Pictorial:

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I do hope you enjoyed that … Holler if you will- I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Cheers! 😀


Hey Alopecia Sister!

Sitting in my Parlor and working on a new blog space. Its 5.30 in the AM and I’ve been up for almost 2 hours now…. ITS BEEN GRRRRRRREAT!!!

I love the fact that its quiet and I’m all alone. I can hear the howling of the wind and I’m not scared. Its actually exciting 🙂
Got work in a few hours but ynnneh!…. who cares! …. I’ll sit this sleep out in the office bathroom at some point. 😉
Would like to take you back to one of my old blogs if you don’t mind, 
Good news folks! My scalp and hair seem to be doing sooooo much  better! its not quite there yet but its an improvement :)… 
Here are some of the things that have worked for me in my battle against Alopecia:
  1. Quit smoking!… Just kidding. QUIT STRESSING!:  I use to stress over the littlest things. There was my job, my looks, my family, my relationship. but now I stress over only one thing… HOW TO MAKE MYSELF HAPPY!
  2. If it looks bad then SHAVE IT OFF!!!!: You heard me! Shave it off babe. Its not going to get any better with an uneven look. with the space created on your scalp it only makes room for easier loss of other strands of hair. I know this sounds hard to do but cut it all off and then start from scratch. And trust me, there is no mid way. A low cut will only look NASTY so take it ALL OFF!
  3. L.L.LLEARN TO LOVE YOUR LOOK: Yes, I know Alopecia can be a female dog but hey Sweetie, if you don’t get over the shame of a bald patch on your head then no one else will. YOU have to make people comfortable about your condition and look. SO GET OVER  IT! (Words coming from a victim). Don’t be ashamed to flaunt a bald head once in a while, and where you find it uncomfortable then you have your wigs and what have you. If you can learn to be less self conscious about your bald look and quit obsessing over that problem, you will have a clearer head trying to combat the situation.
  4. Shampoo and Conditioning: I do it CONSTANTLY. Its great therapy, especially if you deep condition with products thats repairs weak roots. Also apply good hair cream/a live in conditioner that also aids in root repair.
  5. Massages: ALWAYS give your scalp a GOOD massage during both washing, conditioning, and Oiling exercises, I’m told it aids in the circulation of blood in the scalp and the stimulation of hair follicles. The circular movement of the tips of the fingers on the scalp is one technique. I have also been told that scrubbing of the scalp with a brush not only opens closed pores but also helps in circulation and stimulation.
  6. Eating Healthy: Still trying to master that part but it helps. I do more vegetables these days, its not only helped my hair but also the growth of my nails.
  7. That cut that fits!: As your hair grows you may find a few patches here and there, so you want to find a GOOD barber that will trim the hair into  eventually masking these spots…. (P.S- this takes time and lots of patience on both ends)
  8. A FAIR WARNING!: Please do not be disappointed if your hair is not as full and lush as it once was…. You need to give it some time and in that time do try to keep away from hair extensions and weaves no matter how inviting!
Okay, I’m going to sound like a bit of a pessimist right about now so do forgive me. Its possible that you and I may never have the same look we had before this dreadful condition struck but my advice is FREE IT! Free the situation and let your head just BE!
Stop focusing on what you have lost and love and appreciate what you have…..