Death of a wig

😦 Its a sad day people!

I took the time to wash and condition one of my wigs today that resulted in an epic FAIL! 😦

This wasn’t its first wash- I haven’t the foggiest idea what went wrong this time… I even used cold water for crying out loud so why the tangle?! 😐

I’m totally in the dark right now! 😮 I have 2 other wigs in urgent need of a wash…So if there’s anyone out there with genuine tips on how best to care for wigs PLEASE drop a few liners or better still send me links to a blog about wig care…

NB: THIS IS NO JOKE ….The continued existence of my remaining wigs hangs in the balance of your comment!

Thanks! 😉

lost but never forgot! ;)

Dear wig, you may be lost but never forgot! 😉


My Hair Journey so far…

Hello there! 😉

I know its been A WHILE, but guess what! I’m still too lazy to write, so I have made a little video and a picture gallery in form of a slide show (below) in order to fill you wonderful people in on all my hair accomplishments since my last post 🙂

Watch and enjoy! 🙂



Hair Story Pictorial:

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I do hope you enjoyed that … Holler if you will- I’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Cheers! 😀

Please Excuse Naomi

Ok, so I said I was sleepy, which I actually am but I promised myself and a blogger friend of mine that I would write about this today.

Meet Naomi Campbell. She’s a hot and sexy SUPER super-model, she’s rich and famous and according to the latest gist by the media ….she also suffers from Traction alopecia.

A friend and I were chatting after she had been on my blog and read about my ordeal when Naomi’s name came up. At some point during the conversation my friend says:

“I don’t understand why she won’t cut that thing off! She’s a model after all so her going bald will just look like a fashion statement”.

RRRRRRRrrrright! E easy like that abi? 😀 …. Well I want to tell you that its so NOT!

I still remember that faithful day of the BIG CHOP like it was a few hours ago. I walked into the first Unisex Beauty Parlor I could find that day but before that the memory of stopping by a hair accessory store to buy a wig strikes me :D, anyway back to the salon! … I approached a female worker in the ladies section of the salon and told her I wanted a hair cut, she gave me a funny look and asked whether I meant a trim and then I told her I wanted it all off. I can still remember the weird look she gave me :D… You see unlike dear Naomi, my hair loss was well hidden right smack in the middle of my supposed long and lush crop of hair. All I had to do was wear a ponytail and I was your everyday girl 😉

At first she thought I wanted a low cut but when I made it clear to her that I was going for “smooth as a baby’s butt” she paused. I actually had to undo my hair and show hair the hot mess on my head before she agreed to offer her assistance. Finally she referred me to the men’s section and told me which of the barbers would best handle my case.

I can still remember his name “Wale”. Believe it or not I had to go through the same scenario as at the female section, but being the one to handle my hair Wale felt very confident that he could find some way round cutting everything off, even when he saw the huge patch I had been hiding he would not accept defeat… What a sweet guy! 😉

The Moment of Truth! Clippers to Hair!:

Wale was sure that  a low cut and a style that would hide my problem would do the trick. However, the moment his clipper ran down the middle of my head he had no choice but to accept defeat. It was now obvious that I so needed to go bald and so looking at me through his mirror he said:

“It will be alright, don’t worry. If you are fine with a bald look I’ll take your phone number”

I laughed of course 😀

With my heart in my mouth I watched as Wale took off every strand of hair from my head and half way through he paused and looking at the reflection of my half done look he asked for my number 😀 😀 😀

It was all scary and yet very exciting. He was done and then I proceeded to bringing out my newly purchased wig, but Wale totally refused for me to wear it. He saved me that day. That look just might have become “Me” if I had stepped out of the salon that day with the wig on my head, but instead with the encouragement of Wale and the rest of the people in that room I was able to step out onto the street, and with my head held high I made my way home.

Sounds like a happy ending doesn’t it? Well that was only the beginning my dear reader, the beginning of many challenges. I battled with depression, low self-esteem and then I also had to listen to people talk good or bad about my look. It was a trrrrip!

Now lets go over my friend’s statement again shall we:

“I don’t understand why she won’t cut that thing off! ….”

Well I most certainly do! I understand  the feeling of shame, embarrassment; the fear of being seen as different, less sexy, odd or even sick … I’m not even a public icon so you might want to turn the emotional frequency up by A LOT when it comes to our super model here.

So please excuse Naomi if she’s decided she’d rather hide her receding hairline and have it show once in a while in her photo shots, and if you still have a problem with this, kindly try stepping into her shoes. Maybe then you’d know where it pinches… 😐