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The Internet, a worth ally in time of battle

2008 was  a pretty depressing time for me I must tell say. Yeah, so I cut my hair and smiled all the way home, but that didn’t stop me from filling less of a woman when reality shoved its foot up my behind. I was a man now!… OK, maybe not, but I could easily have been mistaken for one with my back turned while in a shirt and a pair of baggy pant, which I wore ever so often.

At that point I went out less and then found a new love for browsing the world wide web. In doing that I luckily came across articles and videos that helped me realise that I was not alone, and that the feelings I was experiencing were only natural.

There were videos on emotional encouragement, lifestyle, medical updates, some people even made funny  “what if” videos of female celebrities gone bald.

Just found one of such videos in my YouTube stash and thought to share it with you:

I realise now that one of the greatest steps that helped me battle the physical and emotional challenges posed by Alopecia  areate was being informed.

Take the time to search for others in a similar situation and learn from their experience and/or research, and I’m not just referring to hair issues but to all types of personal challenges. Whatever the problem, whatever the battle, its best not to go it alone. So draw on the strength of others, even if its from the video or article of a total stranger… I did 🙂


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