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Lions without Manes…

I came across this picture today and I instantly fell in love with it. The first thing that struck me was the splendor of the roaring beast and the second, its Mane.

The lion. A magnificent creature, graceful in its sway and yet extremely fierce when provoked. The mane of the adult male lion, is one of the most distinctive characteristics of this huge feline. It makes the lion appear larger, providing an excellent intimidation display; this aids the lion during confrontations with other lions and with its chief competitors.

Useful thing, the mane.

Now tell me, what do you think of this picture? I edited it myself 😛

A girlfriend saw it displayed on a social network as my profile photo, and her first reaction towards it was “Eeewww”.

I know you don’t quite understand where I’m going with this just yet, but kindly indulge me for a few… My intention while editing this picture was to leave the lion without a mane, a shoddy job I know, gladly, my message is not in the aesthetics. Now to the point of today’s post.

We see in the first picture a lion, regal, intimidating, dangerous and yes, even beautiful. Using the second image, try imagining that roaring lion without its mane. Some may even have the same reaction as my girlfriend, but take a closer look. Does it make the lion less a “king of beasts” or its canines any less formidable? No.

If there is such a defect in male lions, then its my guess that a bald lion would be shunned and even bullied within its pride. Yet, with or without its mane it would still be revered within the animal kingdom because by its nature, it demands that respect. This is the same way we should see ourselves.

I too have experienced what its like to be different; to feel like half a babe or not one at all, to hear such remarks as “Eeewww” or even worse. I wrestled with this difference for a while…. but perhaps if I had come across the analogy drawn from these pictures at the time, I just might have sooner developed a more positive way of viewing my situation.

Like the Lion, you are not defined by the hair on your head. It may enhance your appearance, but take it off or grow it back tomorrow and you will still bear the same name, your blood group will not have changed; neither will your sex. Mane or bald, you are who and what you make of yourself. You can see yourself as strong or weak, bold or timid, beautiful or ugly, its your choice. What is most important is that just as the lion, you are as creation intended, absolutely MAGNIFICENT! So embrace it!

Look at it this way:

Hair is the icing on the cake, an aesthetic. And with that said, you can do without all that sugar because there’s already enough sweetness inside you 😉



19 thoughts on “Lions without Manes…

  1. LOL@ bald lion being bullied. We judge people at their appearance, cos dats all we can see immediately.Too fat, blemished skin, “fine and not fine”. That’s why we would rather hang on to damaged hair than make a fresh start.

    Any lady dat shaves her hair for Fashion or …any reason has my respect. I don’t know if I can do it. Hell I’m attached to my glasses which I have worn for awhile (forever!!) not to talk of my hair.

    Kudos to u babes.

  2. Couldn’t have been said any better.
    You are worth more than your appearance. The hair is for packaging. The stuff within is what counts! Good work with this post. Keep it up!

  3. First off, yes a very very shabby job with the editing, you should simply stick to writing 😉 and speaking of writing – as I seamlessly transition – this is very well written and received and just like India Arie sang “my worth is not determined by the price of my clothes” nor by the length of your hair – ladies, or the size of your junk – fellas, so the bald Lion isn’t any less a Lion, its still got a Lions heart and roar.

  4. wonderful post. I am coming into “myself” discovering that my “hair” is not me, but I AM , ME! Hair , no hair, big hair or flat. Thank you for your gift today.

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