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Alopecia by Oluwaseun Aduwo

I sincerely apologies for my silence… Been focusing on a lot of things besides my hair lately.

A friend of mine saw this blog and was inspired to write a poem I thought I’d share.
Just so you know, the following was actually written by a GUY!!!!…. he’s straight mind you 😉



Finger to my lips,

perched gently.

Sunk in thoughts of a thousand worries,


on my mind.

She’s conquered with no cease,

taking prisoners for no ransom fee.

Taunting and hunting our feminine’s

ripping their pride with no pleas

tearing them root for root.

Gloating over their loss

and hoping they would fall prey to her own demise.

Yes, her demise, for she knows not yet this

for the battle has been taken to

her very own doorsteps.

Scalping, the tool for retaliation set!!

Exposure to the natural burn of the earth’s guardian,

not knowing she held her self captive and graciously led herself

into the dungeon for her own denial.

Her inmates or so she thought

liberated to the world

with a difference,

set free to speak their minds

attaining boldness unheard of.

Gallant in their march

bearing a message to disperse

with the roar of a thousand notes

for they are not alone

Free your mind! They shout,

free your scalp! They beckon,

for wherein lies your beauty?

if you are not your hair.

Walk the talk

and dishonor Alopecia

for she would never be a part of you.

—- Oluwaseun Aduwo

…..I am glad to have people of such understanding in my life….


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