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The African Queen

“The African Queen” is what she is called
when her head is scrapped clean and bald

The African Queen
the perfect and yet ironic title for the hairless woman
who feels she has lost her mantle

The African Queen
her hairless head reflecting the suns rays
free from the stress of weaves and braids
and yet she is ashamed.

The African Queen
for in her society how is she truly seen?
Some would call her a widow, while others will say she is in mourning
Mutterers speak of the disgrace of the look she is donning
Yet they do not know and are too ignorant to see
this was not her choice nor of her own doing

The African Queen… Me
Her hair is snatched but not her pride and beauty
She finds it is within and decides to let it shine daily
Though not always easy, since she once in a while recalls
her days of long hair that made her the conventional lady

Still, I am “The African Queen”
I embrace me, and that includes my bald head along with all my being.

©2011 Festivalking


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