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An ode to my hair

This was imported from my site on Blogger.com :):
Putting fingers to keyboard for the first time on blogger.com and my premier blog is dedicated to my hair… I have suffered from Alopecia for the past 3 years now…
Alopecia areata to be specific, is a hair disorder typified by patching hair loss or patchy bald areas. It may be autoimmune, but seems to have many possible triggers or risk factors including stress. (Read more at http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/a/alopecia_areata/intro.htm?ktrack=kcplink)

Don’t be fooled, A LOT of women in our society suffer from this problem along with other forms of Alopecia, but with the help of what we in 9ja now tag  “Brazilian” (wigs and weaves alike), most of us babes are saved. I however, grew tired of being safe and hiding the damage that had befallen my hair, and chose to cut off what was left. Luckily I’m told the bald look fits, although there are some that would beg to differ 😉 …

I still miss having locks on my head. For one thing, I won’t be hearing my man tell me how he loves running his fingers through my hair anytime soon….  (I’m still under going treatment).

In the bid to encourage me to grow my hair by those who are ignorant of my condition, I’m often reminded of the verse in the bible that says “a woman’s hair  is her glory” but is it really in today’s world?…. The truth is, a major population of “WOMAN” in our society hardly even wears the hair on her head with pride, and whatever substitute she has on her head has become her glory no longer, but her vanity. What was once seen as glory, that is woman’s natural hair is now seen as untidy, un-sexy, and just down right old age to some..No, MOST…. Even natural lashes are almost a sin!

I keep neither  natural hair nor “horses tail” as some may joke about wigs & weaves. I am “The African Queen” (Lol!)… and though sometimes I do miss being able to use the phrase “the feel of wind in my hair”, I’ve sort of become ac-costume to the feel of the wind on my scalp; Yes, I sometimes reminisce about packing an 8 to 12 inch on my head and the different styles that would come with it, but I am learning daily to be comfortable in my own skin and that is what is important.

I may not have hair on my head but in my heart I know I still have glory…

My God understands….. and I’m sure the Apostles would have too if they had known about Alopecia 😉

O! and don’t try commenting on how I should wear a wig… that is just a tool for disaster!
 You can imagine the different embarrassing scenarios one would have to avoid, e.g carrying an inquisitive baby; windy days, just to mention a few…. And I just HATE a life of inhibition!

OK, that’s gist for another blog…

Later!  🙂


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